Kaumana Caves State Park

Lava Tube


Round Trip Mileage: a few hundred yards 

Elevation Gain: negligible

Gear: You won't need much to visit this short lava tube. 

Weather: NOAA forecast for Kaumana Caves State Park

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Overview: This park offers a quick diversion into a lava tube. You can descend on a metal ladder into a skylight in a lava tube that was created by an 1881 flow from Mauna Loa. Unfortunately, you cannot explore this long tube because it immediately travels underneath private property. There are no admission fees, and the park features restrooms and picnic tables.

Kaumana Caves lava tube

Getting to the Trailhead: From Hilo, follow Hwy. 200, the Saddle Road,  to the west. Locate Kaumana Caves State Park between the 4 and 5 mile markers (right after 4 mm). The parking area is on the south side of the road, but the park is on the north side.

The Hike: Carefully cross Hwy. 200 and simply descend the metal ladder into the collapsed skylight of the lava tube. You can explore a short way in both directions before the lava tube enters private property.