Maka O Hule Navigation Heiau

Kohala Coast

Round Trip Mileage: 1.8 miles

Elevation Gain: 100’

Gear: nothing other than standard hiking gear

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Overview: This short hike leads to an ancient obscurity: a temple of upturned stones (heiau) that points with remarkable accuracy to ancient seafaring destinations like other Polynesian islands, the Marquesas, and Tahiti. The hike itself is rather unremarkable, but does follow the rocky shore. If you look carefully, you can see this heiau from Highway 270 as you zip by.

Getting to the Trailhead: Between the 14 and 15 mile markers on Highway 270, turn makai on the road to Mahukona Beach Park. This park has a decent amount of parking, but is at an old industrial site and there is no beach.

The hike: From the parking area, walk north and find the trail, which is an old road. Follow the trail as it traces the rocky shoreline and after 0.9 mile, look up on the hill to the west of the trail for the obvious heiau. Hawaiians ask that you respect this ancient site by admiring it from a distance and not entering the temple.