Kaimū Beach ParkKaimū Beach Park

Eco Path

Round-Trip Mileage: 3/4 mile

Elevation Gain: 20'

Gear: Standard hiking gear

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Overview: This short stroll is a great spot to stretch your legs in the Puna District. Kaimū was a small town destroyed by lava flows from the Kūpaʻianahā vent of Kīlauea in 1990. It's now under fifty feet of lava. Kaimū means a gathering by the sea. There was once a beautiful black sand beach here, and this hike travels to a newly forming beach in the 1990 lava flow. This hike is a great way to witness the destruction and rebirth of volcanic activity.

Young palm treesGetting to the Trailhead: From Hwy. 11 in Kea'au, drive south on Hwy 130. Stay on Hwy. 130 through Pāhoa. Pass the Kalapana Lava Viewing Area and stay on Hwy 130. Find the intersection of Hwy. 137 and take a right (head west). Follow this short road until it ends in a parking area surrounded by restaurants and shops. 

The Hike: Walk uphill south from the parking area and find the well-worn "Eco-Path." Follow it south toward the sea. At the sea cliffs, you'll find lots of young palm trees. These were planted by residents in an effort to reclaim the area. Return the way you came.